Company Re-Profiling Information

Why do I need to re-profile my company?

Whitehaven Coal has completed a review of WHC-STD-Contractor HSE Management, and as a result the contractor management system has been changed to meet the updated business requirements.

All current WHC contracting companies are required to re-complete the questionnaire (re-profile) and upload contractor engagement documentation to ensure each contracting company is linked to relevant sites, and all relevant records are available in the Client Portal.

How do I re-profile my company?

Log into Pegasus Gateway and:

1.    Click on the Manage Companies tile

2.    Click on the Company Prequalification tile

3.    Click on the Renew button

The registration workflow will take you through the following stages:

  • Whitehaven registration
  • Site registration(s)
  • Document uploads
  • Subscription
  • SMS review (if required)

Will you accept a WHC-FRM-Contractor Engagement Form 1?

Yes, but only until 31.03.2021 and only when the Whitehaven Coal HSE Document Form 2 and the Contractor Company Supervisor Nomination Form are uploaded with it as one document.

Will you accept a WHC-FRM-Sub-Contractor Engagement Form 5?

Yes, but only until 31.03.2021

I’ve misplaced our original forms, can I get them from the system?

Yes you can. Select Manage My Business Details from the menu and go to the Document Library. You can download all of your forms from here.

You can also retrieve the documentation from your company’s Onsite profile.

Select Company from the menu and then Compliance:

Select the Whitehaven realm, click on the apply button and select view to download a document.